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e can call this

place a hospital

for equipment; it even

has operating rooms.

This is the center

where all Tekfen equip-

ment are parked and

where all machines

come back after their

work is done. Once a project is finished, if

there are no other projects to begin very

soon, we usually bring back all equipment

here. And when a new project begins, we

bring the required machines out from the

park, carry out the revisions, and send them

off to the construction site. GAT is also a lo-

gistical center. Apart from machinery, con-

tainers, consumable materials and all types

of leftovers from projects come here. In

2016, a total of 1,237 pieces of equipment

came to GAT and were sent off again. 572

semis were used to transport them.

It takes 20 years to train a good skilled


Even though we have a fixed number of

personnel at GAT, some changes do occur

during the year as the need arises. When

projects need highly qualified repair and

maintenance personnel, we give them sup-

port. Our purpose here is to guarantee the

repair and maintenance work with a core

team. It is crucial that we have our own per-

sonnel at key points. That’s why 90 percent

of the foremen in our projects are the expe-

rienced workmen of GAT. Another reason

why the turnover rate is low is that it takes

20 years to train a good skilled workman.



Tekfen Machinery and Equipment Manager

People are appreciated here

We are like a family here. We have a team of

70 people. We get together once or twice a

month and have fun. People are appreciat-

ed here. And people who work here appre-

ciate that in return. This mutual respect and

peaceful work environment makes people

happy. Tekfen is a great company. There are

some good developments. I hope these will

carry Tekfen to better and stronger days.


first met Tekfen in

Azerbaijan. At the

time I was working for

another company. I

had friends over at Tek-

fen. From a distance,

Tekfen seemed to me

like a public sector

company. A place that

offers little excitement, where everyone

treats each other coldly. After I got into Tek-

fen and gained some experience I realized

how wrong I had been. Here, there is a tol-

erant work environment that ties you to the

company. Also, it is a great source of moti-

vation to be working with people who have

been at Tekfen for 25-30 years.

I’m just getting used to working in a

fixed place

Construction sites are very lively places. I’m

only just getting used to the advantages of

working in a fixed place. In fixed workplac-

es the personnel is fixed, too, so everyone

becomes an expert at what they do. Ev-

eryone here is relaxed and understanding;




Head of Central Workshop



overall, it’s a quite positive workplace. I

see that as the success of the manage-

ment. It’s not easy to create such an en-

vironment. Everyone has great respect

for their managers.


ere is the com-

pany’s base; it’s

like its kitchen. All the

machinery and mate-

rials used at the con-

struction sites come

here after the work

is done. And each of

them passes our scru-

tiny, one by one. My experience and ex-

pertise is in spare parts supply. We foresee

how often a machine part will break down,

how long the engine will survive and what

materials will be used for repairs, and then

obtain those parts and stock them. That’s

an important job. We can’t afford to make

a mistake.

We think like amateurs andwork like pros

Employer-employee relations are based on

mutual satisfaction. For my part, I’m very

satisfied to be working at Tekfen. Obvious-

ly, since I’m still here. And Tekfen is satis-

fied with me, since it still employs me. More

sentimentally speaking, I love Tekfen. All

three of my children were raised on Tekfen

wages. Everyone helps each other here. We

think like amateurs and work like pros. We

regard this place as our family and feel like

members of a family. That’s the plain and

simple summary of my 30 years.




Central Warehouse Director