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get together

Culture and art events bring Tekfen personnel togeth-

er after work, and there were plenty of these during the

first months of this year.

The first event we attended was the Pera Museum ex-

hibition entitled “Wanderer on the Sea of Light,” by the

French painter Félix Ziem. The Tekfeners and their guests

attending the event had the opportunity to take a guided

tour of the exhibition bringing together the works of the

famous 19th century artist who depicted landscapes in a

lively manner with his dynamic brush style.

This event was followed by a play entitled “The Time

of Pera.” Set in İstanbul’s famous historical hotel Pera

Palas, the play involves the hotel rooms named after its

iconic guests such as Agatha Christie, Greta Garbo, Ernest

Hemingway, and Franz Joseph, as well as the Grand Pera

Ballroom. The play takes its audience on a time travel with

its independent stories, which involve hotel guests who

are stuck in their rooms and finally succeed in leaving Pera

Palas with the help of bellboys and the audience.

Most recently, Tekfeners came together for the “Port

Exhibition” at İstanbul Modern. The exhibition takes up

the concept of ports not only in geographical and econom-

ic terms but also in its symbolic and metaphorical import,

focusing on the cultural and social life that grew around

the sea and the port in İstanbul since the 19th century.

The Tekfen Bowling Tournament became one of our

traditional events last year, and the second tournament

was held at Cevahir Mall Atlantis Bowling Hall on Janu-

ary 18. There were 22 teams and a total of 110 contes-

tants participating in this year’s tournament, leading to

a cutthroat competition.

Successful teams received trophies as well as surprise

prizes. The tournament offered great excitement, and

ended with

Group Rollhouse

from Tekfen Construction as


Altın Vuruş (Golden Strike)

, last year’s cham-

pion came second, while

Lightning Strike

, last year’s num-

ber two, took third place.



“The Time of Pera”

(Pera Palas)

“Port Exhibition”

(İstanbul Modern)

“Wanderer on the Sea of Light”

(Pera Museum)