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Toros Agri sets out for

Lean Management

The philosophy of Lean Management is predicated on decreasing

all waste within a system and striving to allocate all resources for a

greater level of value creation. Toros Agri aims to apply this philosophy

throughout its production process and improve the company’s opera-

tional processes while decreasing waste and perfecting all operations.

At the kickoff events held at Toros Agri production plants, blue-

and white-collar personnel autographed the symbolical “Lean Man-

agement Ball” and pledged to stand behind the process. For the next

three years, the road map will extend from Lean Production to Lean

Company, based on the culture of continuous development and im-

provement. All personnel will receive training regarding lean tools,

which will then be applied progressively to work areas.

Toros Agri has taken the first step towards “Lean Management” with the

kickoff events at three of its plants.


Turkey is a sea, the world is an ocean

Tekfen Ventures has become in recent months a Tekfen Holding venture capital company, with the aim of investing in innovative technologies

targeting industries and businesses. The company will provide investment support to promising ventures at their early stages, which in turn will

provide new ideas, technologies, and products to construction and agriculture, Tekfen’s main businesses. We talked with the founders of the

company, Sinan Uzan and Selçuk Ergin, about entrepreneurship in the world today and about the aims of Tekfen Ventures.

Venture capital funds focusing

on technology are relatively new in

Turkey. How did this sector emerge

in the first place?

Sinan Uzan:

Venture capital com-

panies have been around for quite

some time now. The rapid growth of

the internet in the early 2000s and

high levels of profit attained by com-

panies such as Facebook in a very

short time drew the attention of the

investment world to this sector. Espe-

cially after the onset of a low-interest

rate phase in 2008, individuals began

investing in such companies and in

innovation in order to get better re-

turns. So even though the concept

existed previously, it became more

popular due to economic factors. In-

ternational corporations seeking prof-

itable investment opportunities also

became interested.

Selçuk Ergin:

This new struc-

ture emerged in Silicon Valley and spread

throughout the world, because with the new

trends and technologies, the world nowneeds

new business models. The venture fund idea

emerged during that period. The young gen-

eration has taken the lead with new models,

and they need money to put their ideas into

practice. And we at Tekfen Ventures decided

to seize these opportunities in the world of


There are other companies in Turkey

active in the same line of business. What’s

the difference of Tekfen Ventures?

Sinan Uzan:

Before answering this

question, we need to look at why it is im-

portant for Tekfen to be managing an in-

vestment fund. First of all, the company’s

name is a portmanteau of “tek” (as in

“teknoloji”; i.e. technology) and “fen” (sci-

ence). We would be doing ourselves a dis-

service if we refrain from taking part in the

world of innovation, because innova-

tion and technology are in the very

genes of our company. On the other

hand, construction and agriculture,

the two main businesses of Tekfen,

are comparatively the least digitized

industries in the world. It is of crucial

importance to keep apace of techno-

logical advances and innovations in

these areas in order to maintain our

strategic advantage and strength.

One of the main missions of Tekfen

Ventures is to locate the innovations

that will contribute to the develop-

ment of these two sectors, invest in

them, and reap the advantages not

only for our own businesses but for

Turkish economy as well.

Will you limit your search for

new ideas to construction and agri-

culture only?

Sinan Uzan:

These are our priori-

ties. For me, agriculture is the most exciting

area. There is a new push for innovation in

agriculture all around the world. Amazing

progress is being made in the use of remote

sensing in agriculture in the form of drones

and satellite pictures. There is a lot that we

can do especially in fertilizers and agricul-

ture. And five or ten years after that we fore-

see a very extensive transformation in the

construction sector. We expect innovations

that will increase efficiency in construction,