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In order to make the company

structure more effective

and productive in reaching

its strategic goals, Tekfen

Construction has begun using a

system infrastructure that will

measure personnel performance.

Active since the beginning of

2017, the performance-based

bonus system aims to create a

structure that will benefit both

the company and its personnel.


As of 2017, Tekfen Construction has installed a newly de-

signed Performance and Bonus System that will benefit all its

personnel. The system aims to measure personnel performance

objectively and more accurately, as a result of which individual

and team achievements will be rewarded on the basis of a stan-

dard bonus system, and the company itself will be more success-

ful as predetermined goals are met. In effect, this will be a win-

win system.

First steps for the new system had been taken in 2016, fol-

lowing the Employee Satisfaction Survey that clearly demon-

strated the need for such a system. Conducted by Hay Group,

the international management consultancy company, the survey

showed that employee satisfaction at the company was very high

but that the need was felt for a system that would measure em-

ployee performance. These findings led to further collaboration

with Hay Group to develop a system for performance manage-


The best practices and cases throughout the world were stud-

ied meticulously to develop the new performance and bonus sys-

tem, which was then put into practice at Tekfen Construction

head office, fixed workplaces, and projects recently begun (less

than 50 percent completed). In February, with the participation

of Tekfen Construction’s senior management, presentation and

briefing meetings regarding the system were held at workplaces

and projects that were designated to adopt the system immedi-


The performance and bonus system will be based on objec-

tive and measurable criteria, leading to benefits for the employ-

ees more equitably; further work on the system is currently being

carried out to improve it and extend its compass in coming years.