Tekfen Joins Global Leaders in CDP Climate and Water Listings

Ara 08, 2020

Tekfen Holding has become the only Turkish company in 2020 to enter the global ‘A’ list in both the Climate Change and Water Security Programmes of the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), the world’s biggest environmental reporting platform.

The aim of the CDP is to change the way the world of business functions in order to reduce the effects of climate change and protect natural resources, and close on 10,000 companies worldwide submitted reports to the organisation on their activities with regard to its Climate Change and Water Security Programmes. Tekfen Holding has now become one of the 65 companies in the world to be awarded an ‘A’ listing in both programmes. Of the two Turkish companies listed, it is also the only one to be given an ‘A’ grade in both categories.   

Tekfen Group Companies President Cahit Oklap commented: “All over the world, people are telling us with greater urgency than ever before that sustainability is not a luxury, but something that is vitally necessary for our common future. We at Tekfen Holding are proud to be the only Turkish company this year to have had our efforts towards sustainability rewarded by being placed on the CDP’s list of global leaders in the fields of both climate and water.”

Meanwhile, Tekfen Holding HSE-Q Coordinator Zafer Demirci said: “We are making positive contributions in the areas of climate change and water security thanks to our R&D programmes. For us at Tekfen, it is a source of great pride and satisfaction to have had all our efforts acknowledged by being placed on the ‘CDP Global A List’.