The Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) has announced the results of the 'Turkey's 500 Largest Industrial Enterprises' list for 2023. Toros Agri, the leading and pioneering organization in Turkey's agricultural industry, successfully advanced 10 ranks to hold the 46th position, due to its outstanding performance.
Agricultural Industry Group

Operating in one of Tekfen Holding’s core business areas, the Tekfen Agricultural Industry Group offers a diverse array of products and services centred around agricultural activities. The Agricultural Industry Group, continually expanding through mutually supportive investments across various areas of opportunity, is Türkiye’s largest private entity in this field, distinguished by its business volume, comprehensive product and service range, industry-leading practices, and market share.

Tekfen AAgricultural Industry Group forms one of Tekfen Holding’s key business areas, accounting for 62.3 percent of the total revenues. In 2023, Toros Tarım Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. (“Toros Agri”), the Group’s umbrella organisation, climbed 10 places and ranked 46th in the Top 500 Industrial Organisations of Türkiye as announced by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry.

Agricultural Industry Group
Fertilizer Operations

Toros Agri is Türkiye’s largest fertilizer producer in terms of total installed production capacity and production tonnage.

Toros Agri works on mineral fertilizers, water-soluble specialty fertilizers, and organic/organomineral fertilizers. As part of its mineral fertilizer production activities, the Company produces ammonium nitrate (AN), calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN), diammonium phosphate (DAP), and compound (NPK) fertilizers at its three production facilities in Ceyhan, Mersin, and Samsun; and inhibitor-added and water-soluble fertilizers at its Mersin facility. It produces organic and organomineral fertilizers, tapping into a rapidly emerging market, at its Ceyhan facility, as well as the premises of Toros Gönen Yenilenebilir Enerji A.Ş., acquired in 2019, and Toros Meram Yenilenebilir Enerji A.Ş., established in 2020.

To provide farmers with a single source for all plant nutrients, Toros Agri imports any varieties that it does not produce itself. The Company reinforces its leadership in the fertilizer industry through a widespread network of dealers and authorised sellers across Türkiye and produces the bags used in fertilizer packaging at its own facility with a capacity of 33 million bags per year.

Fertilizer Operations
Agricultural Production Activities

In addition to direct agricultural production, the Agricultural Industry Group undertakes the production of agricultural inputs such as seeds and saplings through Tekfen Araştırma Üretim ve Pazarlama A.Ş. (Tekfen Agri).

Tekfen Agri strives to bring a corporate perspective to agricultural production, which is vital in securing a sustainable future, and to leverage its financial strength to transfer the Group’s know-how in agricultural inputs to the farming industry by embracing a scientific approach. As is the case with all Group companies, Toros Agri incorporates sustainability and ESG into all business processes and builds its strategy on “Sustainable Agriculture Principles”.

With 15 agricultural engineers, Tekfen Agri combines agriculture with science and state-of-the-art technologies. In 2019, the Company acquired the Alanar Fruit brand. Now, it exports fresh fruits to 19 different customers in 20 countries and produces bread and durum wheat seeds, table and seed potatoes, banana fruits, and banana saplings.

Besides its production activities, Tekfen Agri directly contributes to overall agricultural productivity and quality by providing farmers with high-quality seed, seedling and sapling varieties. The Company’s Agripark campus in Adana is Türkiye’s first technological agriculture centre, and it remains one of only a few today. Since 2004, the centre has been producing disease-free seeds and seedlings through the tissue culture method and conducting crop seed breeding studies. In 2018, it was registered as an R&D centre. It now utilises Anatolia’s rich biodiversity as a resource and carries out studies for the future of Turkish agriculture.

Representing Toros Agri’s science-based innovative approach and power, the R&D Centre was established in 2017 in the Mersin Production Facility as the first R&D Centre working on plant nutrients in Türkiye. The Toros Agri R&D Centre’s priority goals are developing products that align with sustainable agriculture strategies and meet market demands, and contributing to agricultural industry.

Agricultural Production Activities

Port Management Operations

Port operations, a significant area in terms of volume and profitability within Tekfen Agricultural Industry Group’s business scope, are carried out through Toros Agriculture’s two terminals in Ceyhan and Samsun. Torosport Ceyhan and Torosport Samsun provide their customers with handling services for a wide range of products, from bulk solid cargo, general cargo, and project loads to petroleum and liquid fuel products, liquid chemicals and vegetable oils, bulk grains and feed raw materials, as well as various industrial ores, minerals, and mining products.

Free Zone Operations

The Adana Yumurtalık Free Zone, the first in Türkiye dedicated to industrial facilities, is also one of the largest free zones in the country. It is operated by Toros Adana-Yumurtalık Free Zone Founder and Operator, Inc. (TAYSEB), which is also a 9.6-percent shareholder of Mersin Free Zone (MESBAŞ), a 10-percent shareholder of Antalya Free Zone (ASBAŞ), and a founding partner of both.

Located in the same region as Toros Agri’s Ceyhan Manufacturing Plant, the Adana Yumurtalık Free Zone, through the Torosport Ceyhan Terminal, provides port services to companies operating in the area.