Tekfen Holding Sponsors the 17th Istanbul Biennial

Eki 19, 2022

Tekfen Holding, a long-time sponsor of the Istanbul Biennial, continues the tradition as the “Special Project Sponsor” this year. The 17th Istanbul Biennial organised by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV) will open its doors on September 17 and will be free to visit until November 20.

The 17th Istanbul Biennial differs from the previous editions in scale, method, and goals as the curators opted not to set a theme this year. Having been working to create solutions to similar problems around the world for over two years and bringing participants from different fields together, the Biennial aims to leave a long-term impact that promotes and strengthens interaction.

The 17th Istanbul Biennial will be organised in 12 different locations in Beyoğlu, Kadıköy, Fatih, and Zeytinburnu. In addition to the traditional museums and exhibition venues, the Biennial uses a calligraphy and bookbinding atelier, a 16th-century Turkish hammam built by Mimar Sinan, a Greek school abandoned for over two decades, an underground tunnel beneath the Taksim Square and a medicinal plants garden.