Tekfen Holding Once Again Finds Itself A Place in CDP's Champions League!

Ara 08, 2021

Tekfen Holding was rated within the “A-” band of the Climate Change Programme of the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), the world's largest environmental reporting platform, and became one of Turkey's Climate Leaders. Moreover, Tekfen received an "A" rating in the Water Security Programme this year once again and entered the “Water Security Global A List!”

Tekfen Holding, which started to monitor, measure and analyse data on Climate Change for the first time in 2010, has been reporting officially to CDP’s Climate Change Programme since 2017 and to CDP’s Water Security Programme since 2018. Tekfen Holding has become the only company in Turkey and one of the 63 companies across the world to receive an “A” rating under both programmes in 2020, following a reporting process in which more than 13 thousand companies worldwide have participated. Tekfen Holding also stood out as one of the three companies in Turkey and one of the 118 companies worldwide to receive an "A" rating in the Water Security Programme, following a reporting process in which 3,368 companies worldwide has participated this year.

In a statement on the subject, Ali Pandır, CEO of Tekfen Group of Companies, said, "These issues are an integral part of our corporate DNA at Tekfen Holding, whose founders have participated in very important environmental initiatives. While doing our job, we fulfil our responsibilities towards the environment and natural resources, and we take into account the effects of the climate and water crisis when determining our business strategies. We deem water as one of the most valuable resources in the world. With the impact of the climate crisis, our country, like the rest of the world, is on the fast track to becoming water poor. Being aware of this fact, we take the necessary steps in all our fields of operation for effective water management, improve our area of influence and reduce water consumption with R&D. We are expanding the efforts to increase irrigation efficiency in agriculture. We cooperate with stakeholders to popularise modern irrigation techniques. We utilise digital solutions in agricultural production. We focus on green solutions in our energy and construction businesses. All these factors play a role in CDP's ratings. We are proud and happy to be included in the "Global Water A List" for the second time in a row and among the Global Water Leaders, by being rated "A-" in the Climate Change and "A" in the Water Security Programmes. We will continue to set the bar higher and higher in our environmental performance.”

Zafer Demirci, Tekfen Holding’s HSE-Q Coordinator said, “Of the water that covers 70% of our world, approximately 0.3% is usable and drinkable. While our water supply is limited, with the increase in population, access to adequate and clean water is getting more and more difficult each day. Scientific data reveal that a water crisis is imminent, both on a global scale and for Turkey. With this awareness, we publicly announced our principles and commitments through our Water Policy. We systematically identify our water-related risks and opportunities and integrate these into our business strategies. We monitor, measure, analyse and continuously improve our water data. We will continue our work with determination."