Everything About Sustainability in the Classical Music World is at Sub Rosa!

Eyl 07, 2021

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The programme "Sub Rosa: On Sustainability in the Classical Music World", prepared and broadcast with the support of Tekfen Philharmonic, has gone on air on Açık Radyo! The programme, hosted by Prof. Zafer Yenal and Yaren Eren Budak, meets with its listeners every Sunday at 6 pm.

Sub Rosa discusses serious issues such as social justice, harassment culture, occupational health, social security, and occupational diseases in the classical music world, as well as equalopportunity, the sharing economy, opportunities for digitalisation, and innovation, with the contribution of experts in their field with the aim to raise awareness and to point to solutions to the problems.

The Latin phrase “sub rosa” or “under the rose” signifies those hidden by the beauty and grace of the rose. The programme, whose purpose is hidden in its name, will talk to its listeners about the issues hidden “under the rose” in the world of classical music. Every week, it will host names who have worked in classical music and will extend microphones to all stakeholders of this art in front of, on and behind the stage.

Sub Rosa, broadcast on Açık Radyo 95.0 MHz, will also have its audience listen to a lot of music. The issues to be discussed will be presented along with works specially selected for that episode of the programme, with its own story, historical references, or its performer.

All episodes of the programme can be accessed at the recordings archive on the Açık Radyo website or as podcasts on Spotify.