Azerbaijan Entrusts its New Central Bank Building to Tekfen Construction!

Oca 14, 2021

Tekfen Construction, which has been active in Azerbaijan for the last 26 years, has undertaken yet another turnkey operation there – this time, the project design and construction of a new 168-metre-high building for the Central Bank of Azerbaijan. 

The agreement covers the construction of a new 37-storey building for the Central Bank of Azerbaijan. The turnkey project, which is for a tower 168 metres high on a site with a total area of 67,981 square metres, is due to be completed in 36 months.   

The new Central Bank building will be situated on Heydar Aliyev Avenue, one of the top locations in Baku, close to three buildings already completed by Tekfen Construction all of which received the most highly respected prizes of ‘Best Project’ and ‘Award of Merit’ listings in their respective categories from the ENR Global Best Project Awards organisation: the Baku Olympic Stadium, the SOCAR Tower and the Azerbaijan Ministry of Taxes Tower.

Commenting on the signing of the agreement, Tekfen Construction President Mustafa Kopuz said: “We’ve been active in Azerbaijan since 1995 and are delighted to be undertaking a new superstructure project in addition to those we have already completed – namely, the SOCAR Tower, the Baku Olympic Stadium and the Azerbaijan Ministry of Taxes Tower. With the undertaking of this project, we will be demonstrating yet again our credentials as an international EPC contractor, showcasing the variety of services we offer, and once more leaving our mark on the most modern part of Baku.”