Agripark, exploiting Turkey’s rich biodiversity, engages in the production of disease-free seeds and seedlings using the plant tissue-culture method.
Agricultural Production Group

Agricultural Production Group operates in the production of agricultural inputs such as seeds, seedlings, and saplings and its fruit grower operations and they are carried out through Tekfen Tarım, the group’s agricultural research, production, and marketing company.

Agricultural Production Group

Tekfen Tarım has achieved its organisational and investment targets. Thanks to its strong export focus, the company has also built up a solid customer portfolio and increased its export tonnage.

Having acquired a 90% stake in Alanar Meyve ve Gıda Üretim Pazarlama AŞ (Alanar Fruit), a company that grows and markets fruit, in 2018, Tekfen Tarım purchased the remaining shares in May 2019, thereby transforming this important countrywide producer and exporter of stone fruit into a wholly-owned subsidiary

Growing mainly cherries, Bursa black figs, pomegranates, apricots, Japanese plums, Trabzon dates, and chestnuts, Alanar Fruit is one of Turkey’s most important producers and exporters of fresh fruit.

Located in Adana, the Tekfen Tarım Agripark complex is one of only a very few high-tech agricultural R&D centres in Turkey. Exploiting Turkey’s rich biodiversity, the centre engages in the production of disease-free seeds and seedlings using the plant tissue-culture method. Awarded Ministry of Industry and Technology R&D-centre certification in 2018 Agripark breeds and exports more than 25 varieties of potato seed as well plum, cherry, and banana saplings. Devoting special attention to research into the country’s endemic plant species, Agripark is currently working on projects aimed at rehabilitating the propagation and cultivation of Anamur bananas, a variety that is unique to Turkey. Agripark is also involved in research projects concerning wheat, a staple foodstuff in Turkey and an essential input in the making of many export goods such as flour, pasta, biscuits, bulgur, and semolina.