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Dear Friends of our Beloved Brother Feyyaz,

Today, it is with great sadness, that we say farewell to Feyyaz,

in front of this very same door through which, along the years,

he entered with such passion, purpose and drive.

After the loss of our beloved Necati, with whom the three of us founded Tekfen,

I am now filled with grief at the passing away of our dear Feyyaz.

Whenever I think of Feyyaz, I think of understanding, enterprise and leadership.

Whether it be at work or in the field of social responsibility,

whenever a new project was on the agenda he was there,

taking the initiative, taking charge, mulling over it day and night.

Whenever a new venture was established, there was no need to search

for a founding chairman; that was the kind of man he was.

The Turkish Industry and Business Association, the Foreign Economic Relations Board,

and the Family Planning and Health Foundation

are just a few of the many notable boards and bodies he chaired.

Education was always on his mind; a top priority, his primary field of duty.

How can his many projects that prove his love for and loyalty to Atatürk ever be forgotten?

And when it comes to Tekfen, I personally witnessed his passion that for 60 years bordered on a love affair.

His passing away is a huge loss, for Tekfen and for the country as a whole.

The greatest loss, of course, is felt by his family.

But for one other person his death has come as a crushing blow.

His schoolfriend, comrade and fellow traveller for 77 years, in other words myself.

I remember fondly his devotion and dedication to his country, and as I do so,

I bid him farewell. May he rest in peace.

A. Nihat Gökyiğit

(Commemorative speech, August 24


, 2017)

A farewell after 77 years