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A further project has been added to Tekfen Construction’s opera-

tions in Qatar. Winning the tender offered by ASHGHAL (the Qatar

Public Works Authority) for the Eastern Industrial Road with a 200

million USD bid, the project will be completed by Tekfen Construc-

tion within 27 months.

This latest project, a 2.5 kilometre road with two separate via-

ducts, marks Tekfen Construction’s fourth ongoing project in Qatar.

With the value of the current projects now at 2.4 billion USD, the

total value of all Tekfen projects in Qatar to date has reached the 4.9

billion USD mark.

Onwards in Qatar

Tekfen Construction recently signed yet another civic project in Qatar.

The Eastern Industrial Road with a project value of USD200 mio, will be

completed in 27 months.

One of the world’s foremost trade or-

ganizations, with 250 members from 40

countries, IPLOCA (the International Pipe

Line and Offshore Contractors Association)

presented awards to Tekfen Construction in

the fields of Health & Safety and the Cor-

porate Social Responibility at its 51



gathering held in Mexico City between 25-

29 September. Both awards were received

in person by Osman Birgili, President of

the Tekfen Group of Companies and former

chairman of IPLOCA, President of Tekfen

Construction Levent Kafkaslı and Vice Pres-

ident of Business Development Fatih Can.

Every year, based on specified criteria,

IPLOCA assesses members’ submitted proj-

ects and presents awards in the fields of

“Health & Safety”, “Environment” and “Cor-

porate Social Responsibility”, with one win-

ner and two runners-up selected for each


This year, there were 13 candidates

for the award in the Health & Safety cat-

egory, sponsored by Chevron. Tekfen took

second place for its project “Working on

Steep Slopes”, an initiative that aims to

implement safeguards that will ensure

greater security for work being carried

out on steep areas on the TANAP (Trans-

Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline) route. As

a result of these measures and the accom-

panying educational initiatives, there has

been a significant reduction in the num-

ber of accidents caused by sliding of heavy

construction equipment, especially during

the winter months. This project was evalu-

ated by the IPLOCA Occupational Health

and Safety Committee and deemed worthy

of recognition.

In the “Corporate Social Responbility”

category, sponsored by Total and with 8

candidate entries, Tekfen won one of the

runner-up awards for its “Contribution to

Seasonal Workers’ Families and Children”

initiative, which aims to meet the hygiene

and educational needs of seasonal workers’

families working in the areas around the

TANAP pipeline.

Tekfen Construction awarded by IPLOCA

Tekfen Construction was awarded by IPLOCA, of which it is a founding member, in the “Health and Safety” and “Corporate Social Respon-

sibility” categories at IPLOCA’s 51


annual gathering in Mexico City.