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Toros Agri to establish

an R&D Centre in Mersin

With the aim of adding new fertiliser types to the product port-

folio, a key element for the sustainability of agriculture, and to bring

technological innovations to Turkish agriculture, Toros Agri will set

up an R&D Centre at its Mersin Production Plant. The plant will be

the first in the field of plant nutrition to have an R&D Centre.

With the application ratified by the Ministry, the R&D Centre

will work on new product development, the refinement and improve-

ment of existing products and on process development. Alongside

developing various forms of fertiliser and work on how to promote

the domestic production of goods that have hitherto not been pro-

duced locally, the R&D Centre will also focus on improving the physi-

cal and chemical properties of existing products and raising their lev-

els of resistance and durability. The centre will also carry out research

on production processes, optimisation, energy conservation and the

environmental effects of production.

Toros Agri’s application to the Ministry for Science, Industry and

Technology to establish a R&D Centre in the field of plant nutrition

has been accepted. As the first of its kind in its field in Turkey, the

centre will carry out scientific research on the needs and demands

of the fertiliser sector.

An environmentally friendly

investment in the Mersin

Production Plant

In its production processes and services, Toros Agri has long

been a pioneer in a number of fields in the sector and with the

introduction of the CAN Unit Prill Tower Flue Gas Purification

System, the firm is once again the force behind a model invest-

ment. The first of its kind in the Turkish fertiliser sector, this 35

million TL facility is also one of the largest ever environmental in-

vestments by an industrial enterprise in Turkey.

In terms of the volume and stack gas emissions and its treat-

ment capacity, the newly introduced system is one of only a few

of its kind in the world and also means that the emission figures

of the Mersin Production Plant are now well within the legal limit

stipulated for EU countries.

The Mersin Production Plant, one of Toros Agri’s three

production facilities, has furthered its commitment to the

environment by introducing, on a purely voluntary basis, a

new stack gas purification system.