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Toros 1003

patented strain of

wheat now on sale

Sales of the Toros 1003 strain of

wheat, work on which began in

2010 as part of Toros Agri’s re-

search programme into improving

common bread wheat, have now

begun. Thanks to the enhanced

qualities and quicker maturation

time of this strain and a structure

that makes it both suitable for fre-

quent planting and more durable

in arid conditions, the strain is ex-

pected to become one of the most

popular summer breeds.

Full support

for the


of qualified


resources at

Toros Agri



oros Agri, Tekfen’s Agri-Industry Group

subsidiary, has launched Toros Acad-

emy, with the aim of merging all its edu-

cational and development functions un-

der one roof. Founded with the aim of

providing support for the administrative,

professional and personal development of

all company employees, the Toros Acad-

emy also aims to create a culture of con-

tinuous development within the group. In

this context, the Academy launched its

“Leadership School” last August, which

will provide support to upper manage-

ment via “Coaching for Management

Leaders” and “Foundational Leadership”

programmes, developed in collaboration

with Bilgi University for junior and middle-


Toros Agri

meets farmers

from 12 provinces

Toros Agri recently completed

a roadshow of Turkey, between

the 7


of Septemer and the 7



October, with its well know slo-

gan “Wherever there is agriculture

in Anatolia, Toros Agri is there”.

During the roadshow, Toros Agri

showcased its new organomineral

fertiliser and introduced its Ultra

Azot fertiliser, consisting of 33% ni-

trogen (N) and 24% sulphur (SO



production of which has recently





Academy is

on its way too

With the aim of developing a qualified labour

force and to institutionalise the concept of

knowledge accumulation, yet another Acad-

emy is in the process of being established un-

der the auspices of Tekfen Engineering. One

of the key elements in the firm’s new five-year

strategic plan, the Academy will gather all the

instructional and educational programmes that

have been introduced so far under one corpo-

rate roof. Furthermore, the firm’s accumulated

engineering knowledge and experience will be

archived and be available for immediate access.

Education at the Academy will be provided by

consultants, managers, senior employees

and academics, alongside experienced

members of Tekfen staff. The Tek-

fen Engineering Academy will

commence operations by

the end of the year.