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This newsletter is a pull-out summary of

Tekfen Group Companies Bulletin No.38



Editor’s note

Different individuals and groups apply

for Tekfen’s support almost every day for

a variety of reasons. We try to do our best

with the sponsorships or social responsi-

bility projects the Holding or the Founda-

tion carries out and we love to participate

in these efforts as a solution partner. What

gives us the greatest pleasure is helping out

young people.

One such project is the Shell Eco-Marathon

Europe held in London where BUAlert,

Bosphorus University’s Alternative Energy

Competition Team participated with our

support. This would make it possible for

the team to compete against teams from

26 other European countries. So it hap-

pened and here is the message they sent us

once they came back:

Dear Mrs. Dori,

We participated in the Shell Eco-Marathon in

London between May 21 and 19, and would

like to inform you, our sponsors, about the

race. As BUAlert, we are not satisfied with the

result, but assure you that we did everything

we could until the very end.

The race course was different from the one in

Turkey, where we had come in first; simply

put, the course in Turkey had no slope, while

the one in Britain was a sloped urban course

with occasional bumps and potholes. Things

didn’t go as planned during the race. There

were missteps and bad luck. We had been un-

able to carry our lubricant on the flight, so we

asked other teams for some lubricant for our

chain, but it turned out that what they gave

us was actually oil remover. We couldn’t read

the writing on it, which was in Cyrillic script,

and our vehicle came to a halt after seven laps.

Unfortunately, we returned to Turkey empty-

handed, but we have made a note of the things

we have learned. We now have a broader vi-

sion after the race and as a result of the prob-

lems we went through; we have also planned

the modifications we will make on our vehicle.

We are stronger now both for the race in Tur-

key in September 2017 and the one in London

in 2018.

Sincerely yours,

The BUAlert Family

“Why did you share this story of failure”,

you may well ask. I did, because I loved

it. Because in today’s world, where every-

one brags and brags about themselves but

shortcomings are almost never mentioned,

these kids honestly admitted their failure.

They did everything they could until the

end, never gave up, and analyzed every-

thing step by step to draw the necessary

conclusions so that they can think of ways

to improve their performance the next

time around. Isn’t that what the founding

partners of Tekfen always teach us? Do

what you know best and do it in the best

way possible, never give up, and believe in

science... If these kids are the engineers of

the future, Tekfen’s doors would be wide

open to them. What do you think?


Dori Kiss Kalafat

Corporate Communications Director,

Group Companies

Tekfen at Expo Turkey

by Qatar

Tekfen’s senior management was in Qatar

between April 18 and 20, attending the

Expo Turkey by Qatar, a fair that aims to

enhance trade between Turkey and Qatar.

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Tekfen Philharmonic’s

unforgettable Opera

Gala concert

Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year,

Tekfen Philharmonic Orchestra gave an

Opera Gala concert on June 18, featuring

popular arias and duets in its programme

for the Istanbulite audience.

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New Project in


The Tekfen-Gama joint venture, has signed a

contract for the “Temporary Construction

Units” with Tengizchevroil, the largest oil

producer of Kazakhstan, on May 15, 2017.

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And Goal!

With a fervour that grows every passing year,

the Tekfen Soccer Tournament was held for

the third time between May 2 and 22.

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