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This newsletter is a pull-out summary of

Tekfen Group Companies Bulletin No.36

TEKFEN GROUP NEWSLETTER, October-December 2016


Editor’s note

2016 was a difficult year for the whole world as a result of econom-

ic, political, and social developments. We lived through a series of

shocking events like the war and the subsequent human tragedy in

our region, the heinous coup attempt against the Republic of Tur-

key, and the growing number of terror attacks. But we are here, and

this life is ours, it belongs to all of us. We are a great family of 15

thousand; we work together, earn together, and take home our daily

bread from Tekfen to our respective families. In these tumultuous

times we pass through, creating “common values” is more important

than ever. And as members of Tekfen, that’s what we do.

10 years ago, on the 50th anniversary of our company, we created

a written record of the values that we had sustained verbally until

then. Now, in our 61st year, our very first motto “Do what you know

best in the best way possible,” has become even more meaningful.

A great many staff of young and senior professionals, from the Con-

tracting, Agri-Industry, Real Estate Development Groups and the

Holding, have come together at search conferences organized for each

Tekfen business, and created future scenarios using their “shared

wisdom” to determine Tekfen’s values, aims, and strategies to attain

them. Similarly, we are reviewing all job definitions and processes

from scratch, going through an important phase in terms of corporate

governance. The restructuring that began at Tekfen Holding earlier in

the year has accelerated with the increase of new recruitments. At the

holding level, Sustainability, HSE-Q, and Internal Audit Coordinators

have joined us, which will make possible a much greater level of inter-

action and synergy between the Holding and its Group Companies.

In short, we start 2017 as a “new version” of Tekfen, improved and

streamlined. Thus, having gotten stronger with these changes and

innovations, our duty in the future is to continue our strong rela-

tions with our shareholders, employers, clients, personnel, suppliers,

and our society – in short, with all our stakeholders, and to generate

value, like we have done for the past 60 years. Are we ready?

Dori Kiss Kalafat

Corporate Communications Coordinator

A benchmark company:

Tekfen Engineering

The leading company of its industry in recent years thanks to its

engineering approach and the state of the art technologies it uses,

Tekfen Engineering serves as a benchmark internationally.

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Spectacular anniversary concerts

from Tekfen Philharmonic

As part of Tekfen Group’s 60th anniversary celebrations, Tekfen

Philharmonic scheduled a special gala programme. After concerts

at the CSO Concert Hall in Ankara on November 2 and the Zorlu

PSM in İstanbul on November 3, the orchestra played for children on

November 6 as “Tekfen Philhar-mini.”

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Tekfen Construction continues

to build roads for Qatar

Tekfen Construction has completed many infrastructure projects in

Qatar since 2005, and has recently signed an agreement with the

State of Qatar for the construction of the Al Khor Expressway. Tekfen

has pledged to complete the turnkey project in 36 months.

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Search Conferences

Tekfen Group Companies continue taking steps towards determining

their future strategies. Tekfen Construction, Tekfen Real Estate and

Toros Agri teams have come together at search conferences where

various ways of conducting business were discussed along with

valuable ideas on future goals and methods to reach them.

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