Toros Agri to Receive the 'Industry Stewardship Champion' Award from IFA!

Kas 25, 2019

Toros Agri is a pioneer in its sector by carrying out its activities guided by the principles of sustainable growth, operational excellence and continuous development!

Not long ago Toros Agri was the first and only firm in Turkey to receive the "Protect & Sustain" certificate, created specifically for the fertilizer industry by the International Fertilizer Association (IFA), and now it prides itself in receiving an award.

Toros Agri has been selected as the Industry Stewardship Champion and given the gold medal for the actual improvements in its works which were adapted from good practices from around the globe in occupational health and safety, environment management and energy efficiency, and for the support it has provided for the "Benchmarking and Analysis Platform" which was created by IFA with the purpose of ensuring continuous improvement, and eventually achieving better results.