Tekfen and Enerjisa Üretim Collaborate in Green Energy

May 04, 2024

Tekfen and Enerjisa Üretim have signed a memorandum of understanding for cooperation in green energy. Tekfen and Enerjisa Üretim will work together on a high-capacity, green hydrogen-green ammonia project. The project will combine Tekfen's experience in engineering and industrial plant construction and Enerjisa Üretim's experience in renewable energy.

Stating that global demand for green hydrogen is expected to reach 40 million tonnes by 2030 and will increase rapidly thereafter, Hakan Göral, President of Tekfen Group Companies, said: "Toros Agri is Turkey's largest fertilizer producer in terms of total installed production capacity and production tonnage. With this project, Toros aims to establish a facility in partnership with Enerjisa Üretim to produce green ammonia with a low carbon footprint, which it will both meet its own production needs and use in its domestic and international sales. Our Contracting Group, with the competence it will acquire, will see the green hydrogen-green ammonia demands, which are expected to increase very rapidly, as an opportunity and will use the service it will provide to its domestic and international customers in this new segment as a trivet for growth."