Blue Collar… White Collar… And Now Green Collar!

Nis 01, 2020

The first Green Collar Workshop, which was held on Friday, April 1, with the cooperation of Baltaş Group and TEMA Foundation, of which Nihat Gökyiğit, one of the founders of Tekfen Holding, is the founding honorary president, took place at Tekfen Holding with the participation of Tekfen Group employees. The Green Collar Workshop aims for private sector employees to contribute to the achievement of their corporations sustainability targets.

The three main sessions of the workshp focus on life on earth, the relationship between man and nature, and the concrete steps for a sustainable life. The first part, “Between Earth and Sky” described how nature has existed for billions of years and stayed so mighty and resistant.

In the second part, the rights and wrongs of humans in their relationship with nature from past to present were examined under the theme “In the New Story of the Ancient Past.”The final chapter titled "Building Bridges", a road map and action plans containing new behaviours and attitudes were drawn up for humans to fulfill their responsibilities toward nature in their work and private life.

Tekfen Holding employees have learned about skills such as achieving sustainability goals faster, being inspired by nature while creating business models, and working with a sense of responsibility for society and future generations. Tekfen Construction HSE Manager Zafer Demirci evaluated the workshop as follows: “At the point where our world has reached, ‘building the future’ is not sufficient anymore. I am happy to take the first steps for ‘building a sustainable future’ with the ‘Green Collar’ training and to be in the pioneering group on behalf of our company.”

The proceeds of the “Green Collar” programme, are to be used in funding the works of TEMA Foundation.