Supporting the education of 500 successful students every year

The Tekfen Foundation for Education, Health, Culture, Arts, and Protection of Natural Resources awards scholarships every year to 500 successful high school and undergraduate students in Turkey who are in need of financial support.

Founded on 12 April 1999 by the stakeholders, founding members and Group Companies of Tekfen Holding as a non-profit organization, the Tekfen Foundation have supported a large number of students to this day, 1500 of which are now graduates.

The Tekfen Foundation aims to provide financial aid for hardworking and successful students of sound character to study under good conditions. The scholarships are awarded on the basis of exam results and grade-point averages for the students of educational institutions that accept students through examination, and the applications are made online.

For more information and applications regarding the Tekfen Scholarship, please visit: www.tekfenburs.org