Education Center for Autistic Children

In collaboration with Tohum Autism Foundation, Tekfen Foundation opened a Special Education Application Center in Ceyhan, Adana for autistic children on September 15, 2014; the number of autistic children in Turkey is estimated to be around 125 thousand, while only 21 thousand of these have the opportunity to attend special schools.

In order to draw attention to autism, the Tekfen Foundation also gives its support to the "Light It Up Blue" campaign, which was begun by Autism Speaks in the US and became popular throughout the world, by lighting up the Tekfen Tower in blue every year.

MEB Toros Tarım Necati Akçağlılar Primary School

Tekfen Foundation built a 28-classroom primary school in the town of Sarımazı, Adana, which is home to the Toros Tarım Ceyhan plant. The Foundation dedicated the school to the memory of the late Necati Akçağlılar, one of Tekfen's founding partners who passed in 2011. The 477-student school opened 17 September, the start of the 2012-2013 school year. The school staffed by 20 teachers has a laboratory, and basketball and volleyball courts, and a soccer field.

Support for the Van Earthquake Survivors

Tekfen donated 50 prefabricated housing units to Dağönü village, devastated in the 2011 earthquake in Van province. In 2012, it aided the Eymir Cultural Foundation to construct a dormitory for 192 girls in Van. In recognition of this support, two rooms of the dormitory, opened 9 November 2012, were named after Tekfen Foundation.