About Tekfen Foundation

"While Tekfen Foundation allocates the majority of its funds to its scholarship programme whereby it supports 500 students and the activities of the Tekfen Philharmonic Orchestra, Tekfen group companies' social responsiblity is driven by their principle to contribute to social progress in their respective fields of operation."

Dr. M. Ercan Kumcu

Tekfen Foundation
Chairman of the Board

As a responsible member of the society, Tekfen's social, cultural and environmental contributions have become an integral part of its corporate philosophy since its foundation.

The Tekfen Foundation for Education, Health, Culture, Art and Protection of Natural Resources (Tekfen Foundation) was founded as a non-profit organization on 12 April 1999. The foundation's charter states its goals as "being a leading center of support for education, health, culture and the protection of natural resources, assisting in progress in these areas and contributing to a future where it will be possible to live in harmony with nature."

Tekfen Foundation has provided direct funding to numerous projects furthering its purposes and it has supported other foundations and associations with the same goals. In 2004, Tekfen Foundation acquired official status as an "Institution for the Public Good."

Tekfen Foundation enables hardworking and successful students of sound character to study under good conditions by providing grants for high school and university. Founded in 1992, and under the auspices of Tekfen Foundation, is one of Turkey's most outstanding musical initiatives because of its mission, organization and repertoire. With a cadre of musicians from 23 Black Sea, Caspian and Eastern Mediterranean countries, diverse languages and cultures, the orchestra has since its founding made a collective appeal to peace through the universal language of music.