Social Responsibility

Founded in 1999 by the stakeholders, founding members, and group companies of Tekfen Holding, the Tekfen Foundation for Education, Health, Culture, Arts, and Protection of Natural Resources, also known as the Tekfen Foundation, acquired the status of an "Institution for the public good" in 2004. Supporting education by providing academic scholarships and building schools, the Foundation is also active in the area of culture with its Tekfen Philharmonic Orchestra.

In addition to the activities implemented by the Tekfen Foundation, the companies under the Tekfen umbrella individually carry out long-term CSR projects in their respective areas of activity. Supporting social, cultural and environmental projects is an integral part of Tekfen's corporate philosophy. It is a top priority for all subsidiaries under the Tekfen Holding umbrella to act in a "productive", "responsive" and "responsible" manner in all their respective operations. Believing that all individuals and corporations have a role and responsibility in supporting social development and improvement, Tekfen has for long been implementing a wide range of projects to support this cause. Supported by the entirety of the Tekfen employees, from top management to the smallest unit, these activities also reflect the Group's corporate values, which focus on the well-being of individuals and the environment.

Tekfen Holding provides support for the projects that are directly related to its activities through the Contracting, Agri Group, Real Estate Group and Other Groups operating under its umbrella.

Numerous social responsibility projects have been undertaken, reflecting the Group's corporate philosophy. In this regard, Tekfen Contracting Group is supporting several projects regarding work and employee health, quality, and environmental-friendliness in operations, which form the basis of the company's corporate philosophy, and publishes technical training books. Tekfen Real Estate Group, a founding member of ÇEDBİK, shared its experiences regarding the green buildings with the students who will pursue a career in the sector. Implementing trainings to raise awareness in farmers, Toros Tarım also provided free soil analyses and supported collaborative sustainable development efforts in the region, and Tekfen Industry closely cooperates with the government to enhance energy efficiency.