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Tekfen Real Estate Development
Tekfen Tourism


Ongoing Projects
İzmir Project, Konak, İzmir
Tekfen Topkapı

Completed Projects
Hep İstanbul
Taksim Residences
Tekfen Tower<
Yalıkavak Tekfen Evleri
Müşkülüm Çiftliği, Gümüşlük, Bodrum
Kağıthane Ofispark, Kağıthane
Levent Office, Şişli
Bomonti Apartments, Şişli

The new millennium initiated a wave of urban transformation in our major big cities. Istanbul, as the foremost center of this transformation, became bigger in time with its new settlements and subway lines that transform "once in outskirts" neighborhoods into new metropolitan centers. Parallel to this, financial and social life of the city created new demands and need for new concepts. Tekfen founded its Real Estate Group in 2000, in order to cater to these needs, primarily with the development of the Group's own properties.

Tekfen Real Estate Group develops and undertakes turnkey projects of superior design and construction quality in all aspects of the real estate business, such as concept work, realization, market research, marketing and facility management. The group offers concept design, technical and financial feasibility works, design development, market research and turnkey project management, marketing and facility management services in its service portfolio.

Akmerkez, Tekfen Tower and Taksim Residences are projects that demonstrate the Group's approach to the real estate development business. Apart from high-end boutique and niche projects, the Group also targets to create housing projects for middle and higher income groups, within the urban transformation projects that develop the shanty areas and abandoned industrial districts into residential and tourism areas.

ÇEDBİK Founding Member

Tekfen Real Estate Group is a member of the Urban Land Institute (ULI) and GYODER (the Association of Real Estate Investment Companies) as well as one of the founding members of ÇEDBİK (Green Building Council), a 'green building' organization established in Turkey in 2007. Tekfen Real Estate sees designing and constructing its new projects with an environmental-and user-friendly, sustainable approach with energy conservation among its most important objectives.

Urban Renewal

Besides boutique projects, the group aims to improve industrial areas for the redevelopment of housing and tourism zones as part of urban renewal as well as realizing housing projects for the middle and higher income groups.

An Original Line

Tekfen Real Estate chooses to move ahead on an original line instead of "following the crowd." It has proven its difference with the successful designs of Akmerkez, Taksim Residences, Tekfen Tower and Yalıkavak Tekfen Houses, projects which stand out with their quality and unique concepts.

Tekfen Real Estate has adopted a development strategy based on "customer-orientation" and "high customer satisfaction" in every stage of the projects it develops, whether of offices, residences or shopping malls. The completed projects are Levent Ofis, Kağıthane OfisPark, Müşkülüm Çiftliği in Gümüşlük, Bomonti Apartments in Şişli. The mixed-use İzmir Project and Esenyurt Housing Development Project with affordable prices and payment terms are the projects which are currently being carried out by Tekfen Real Estate.


The Kağıthane OfisPark Project holds an award in the office category of "MIPIM Architectural Review Future Project Award of 2009." Besides this, it has also been commended an award in the office category of "European Commercial Property Awards 2010" presented for the projects within the scope of the European Real Estate Market.

Levent Ofis is the first office project holding a LEED Gold certificate in the Shell&Core category. Levent Ofis is one of the three finalists of the 2011 MIPIM International Real Estate Awards, in Green Buildings category chosen among 100 different projects from 27 countries.

From the prizes given in 19 categories as a result of the survey conducted by Euromoney magazine with the participation of 55 companies from Turkey, Tekfen Real Estate Development A.Ş. has been recognized as the Best Developer in the Office/Business category.

Kağıthane OfisPark Project, designed by Emre Arolat, has been awarded the Construction Category Prize at the 13th National Architecture Awards held by Arkitera.