To be a part of Tekfen is to believe in our people, and the infinity of what they can do. It also means to know that a bright future can be reached in the light of technology and science, and also to be aware of the necessity of investing in human intelligence and human skills...

Our employees are our most precious resource and their quality is the major guarantee of our product and service quality. We train our employees with the same care and attention as when we hire them. The training programs we provide in Tekfen improve the ability of our employees to work in a team spirit and act in coordination, as well as their initiative to develop ideas and make realistic decisions. These programs also motivate their creativity and increase their satisfaction as well as productivity.

Through our human resources policy, we do not only care to secure the future of Tekfen, but of our country as well. The scholarships we offer via Tekfen Foundation to successful students in need of financial support; and our social, cultural and environmental protection activities we maintained since the day we have been founded are other examples of our investments in people.

In short, to be a part of Tekfen is to be part of a family with more than 15 thousand members, in an environment where solidarity and cooperation prevails. And, we are proud of this.