A New Spurt of Export Growth for Toros Agri

Toros Agri, Turkey's leading fertiliser exporter for the last two years, has signed an agreement for the purchase of the Romanian sales and distribution operations of Nutrien, the world's largest fertiliser manufacturer.

Toros Agri, Turkey's largest manufacturer of fertiliser and the leader in this sector, is taking initiatives to become a regional player. With this goal in mind, on 29 July 2019 Toros Agri signed a share purchase agreement that will bring Agrium-Agroport Romania S.A., a company engaged in the sale and distribution of fertiliser in Romania, into the Toros Agri fold.

With this new investment in Romania, Toros aims to widen its scope in geographical terms, while at the same time achieving further growth in its exports. Speaking of this latest investment initiative, Tekfen Holding VP in charge of the Agri-Industry Group and Toros Agri Chairman Hakan Göral said: "This purchase is part of our strategy of becoming a powerful regional player; we took this step in order for Toros Agri to have a permanent and sustainable presence within the value chain of the foreign markets we have identified. We aim to make Romania, a major agricultural country, our second largest market, and ensure that our brand becomes well known there." The new company, which is to be registered in September, will do business under the name 'Toros Agroport Romania S.A.'