Alanar Exports Cherries to China

Alanar Fruit, a Tekfen Agri subsidiary, has entered the Chinese market with its cherries - a product that has recently been found worthy of an award by the Bruseel based International Taste Institute. As a result of DEİK (Turkey's Foreign Economic Relations Board) and the Turkish government's dedicated efforts, Alanar is one of only eight Turkish firms that are now licensed to export cherries to ChinaThe first batch of Alanar cherries to China were imported by Shenzhen Kingship, China's largest foodstuffs importer, and is now in the markets of Shanghai.

Speaking at a ceremony in Shanghai's Huizhan Fruit and Vegetable Market, Ahmet Denk, Consul-General of the Republic of Turkey in Shanghai, said that co-operation between Turkey and China in the field of cherry imports and exports will benefit Turkey's fruit growers and further strengthen economic and commercial co-operation between the two countries. In the future, he went on, China will be a major export market for Turkish cherries.

Tekfen Agri General Manager Emrah İnce said: "Turkey is the world's largest producer of cherries, and this season, thanks to changes in the quarantine protocol, it has succeeded in exporting cherries to China - the world's largest consumer of this fruit - for the first time. There can be no doubt that the pattern of Turkey's cherry exports is set to change, and that in the 2020 season China will be our main market. Having waited for years to enter it, we must now make every effort to stay in the Chinese market for a long time. Our goal is to gradually increase the level of our cherry exports to China, and to open the door to new markets with new products."