Toros Agri Named Number One Exporter

Toros Agri Industry and Trade Co., Inc. has been named the leading exporter of chemical fertiliser for 2017. At an evening event hosted by the Istanbul Association of Chemical and Chemical Product Exporters, Toros Agri General Manager Hakan Göral received an award on behalf of the company he represents.

The 'Number One Fertiliser Exporter of 2017' award was presented to Toros Agri Industry and Trade as the Turkish company that had exported the most chemical fertiliser during the year. Receiving the award on behalf of Toros Agri, General Manager Hakan Göral said: "Toros Agri achieved its highest-ever export figures in 2017. This award is of great importance to us." The event was organised by the Istanbul Association of Chemical and Chemical Product Exporters (İKMİB), which represents over 10,000 exporting firms in various sub-sectors of the chemical industry.

Speaking of the award, Toros Agri General Manager Hakan Göral said: "This award is of significance from several points of view. Firstly, following the banning of nitrate fertiliser in 2016, one of our factories which produced only nitrate was in danger of closing owing to poor domestic demand; if we had not been able to export as much as we have done, we would have been forced to either shut this factory down or downsize. The export figures we have achieved therefore represent a very important success from the point of view of the sustainability of our factory in Mersin and its ability to keep on functioning without interruption. Secondly, looking at the situation from our country's point of view, the fact that we have helped Turkey meet its need for foreign currency and are representing our country in the fertiliser sector is a source of much pride for us."

Serving a wide range of countries from Western Europe to Russia, and from the Middle East to Africa

Göral laid special emphasis on the fact that Toros Agri had exported to a wide geographical area in 2017. "We are supplying products to Eastern and Western Europe, Ukraine, Russia, the Middle East and Israel, as well as to Northern, Eastern and Central Africa," he said. "The secret of our ability to serve distant places such as Central and East Africa is the advantage that the good work done in these countries by Tekfen Construction, another company in the Tekfen Holding group, has given us; our other business associates have also provided us with good references, and these factors - along with the quality of our products - have contributed to our success."

Toros Agri General Manager Hakan Göral also shared his views on prospects for the year 2018. "The ban on nitrate fertiliser, which came into effect in the second half of 2016, has taught us how difficult it is to achieve sustainable growth with only one market to rely on, and that we absolutely have to diversify our markets - and even the currencies in which we do business - to some degree. In accordance with the lessons we have learned from this experience, in 2018 we are thinking of once again devoting a certain proportion of our production - a figure close to the 2017 one - to export markets. In 2017, exports accounted for 15% of our total production," he said.

'Our Top Priority is the Turkish Farmer'

Göral went on to say that Toros Agri's capacity utilisation rate was very high, and that the company sold almost the whole of what it produced. "This means we have to prioritise, striking the right balance between the domestic and foreign markets," he said. "Our priority must, of course, be the Turkish farmer and our own local distributors. We want to utilise our capacity to give the maximum yield, and keep our exports at the level we achieved in 2017."

Fertiliser for Every Region's Needs

Toros Agri General Manager Hakan Göral stated that the company had opened a fertiliser research and development centre, and that at the end of 2017, following a thorough and detailed investigation, this centre had become the first of its kind to be awarded a certificate by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. Describing the company's vision for the long-term future, Göral said: "Our vision is an extremely broad one: we intend the R&D centre to allow us to develop fertilisers that will best suit the needs of Turkish farmers in every part of the country, taking into account the soil type and climate in every individual region. The centre should also give us leverage in terms of our exports. We aim to place our R&D centre at the service of Turkish agriculture as the number one priority; the secondary aim is to serve export markets."