Two Awards for Tekfen from 'Capital' Magazine!

The 'CEO Agenda 2019' Summit, held within the framework of the traditional CEO Club Meetings jointly organized by the monthly Capital and weekly Ekonomist magazines, took place in November 2018. At the summit, the results of the 'Top Holdings 2018' survey, conducted by Capital, were announced. Among all the holding companies surveyed, Tekfen came second in the 'Fastest Increase in Manpower' category, and third in the 'Fastest Increase in Turnover' category. The awards were received by Chairman of the Board Murat Gigin at a special ceremony.

First in the 'Fastest Increase in Manpower' category was Rönesans Holding, with Yıldızlar Yatırım ('Yıldızlar Investments') in third place. In the 'Fastest Increase in Turnover' category, Tahincioğlu Holding came first, while Bilkent Holding took second place.