Blue Collar, White Collar, and Now We Have Green Collar!

Jointly organized by Baltaş Group and the TEMA Foundation, Turkey's leading environmental NGO where Tekfen Holding cofounder Nihat Gökyiğit serves as founding honorary president, the Green Collar Program was held for the first time on April 1, for Tekfen Group companies employees.

The Green Collar Program aims to enable private sector employees to help their companies attain their sustainability goals.

The Green Collar Program has 3 sections
The Green Collar Program is delivered under three main titles that deal with the evolution of life on earth, the relationship between mankind and nature, and the concrete steps to be taken for a sustainable life. The first section, entitled "Between Land and Sky," focuses on how nature has existed for billions of years, and how it managed to remain so strong and resilient.

The second section, called "The New Story of the Ancient Past," discusses what humankind has done right and wrong in its relationship with nature. The third section, entitled "Building Bridges," works out a road map for individuals to meet their obligations to nature in their professional and personal lives, and creates action plans for new behaviour and attitudes.

Tekfen employees will pass on the sustainability approach to future generations
Since its foundation 60 years ago, Tekfen Holding has always carried out its operation with the awareness that it is a part of nature. Tekfen employees sharing the same understanding were acquainted with important approaches such as how to reach sustainability goals more rapidly, find inspiration in nature in creating business models, and work conscientiously for society and future generations. Zafer Demirci, HSE Manager at Tekfen Construction, said the following about the workshop: "At this point, it is no longer sufficient to merely "build the future". I am happy to have attended the 'Green Collar' workshop, a first step towards building a sustainable future, and to be part of this pioneering group at our company." The Green Collar program aims to turn participants into individuals who are aware that they are part of nature, notice the impact of their daily choices on nature, act out for a sustainable life, and are friends of nature. The revenue generated by the program will fund work by the TEMA Foundation.