Toros Tarım publishes new guide for farmers...

Toros Tarım has published a comprehensive "Fertilization Guide" to provide detailed information on the correct and balanced use of fertilizer. Written by Toros Tarım advisor Professor Habil Çolakoğlu, who also served in the Soil Science and Plant Nutrients Department of Ege University Faculty of Agriculture, together with Dr. Murat Çiçekli, Coordinator of Research and Training, the "guide provides important yet user friendly tips on the usefulness of plant nutrients and their correct use.

Published simultaneously with the guide, the Fertilizer Product Catalogue contains detailed information on the products Toros Tarım offers to farmers by showcasing the amounts of fertilizers to be used according to the soil and plant characteristics of our country. These two new publications by Toros can be accessed via internet on Toros Tarım's website.