Tekfen Engineering on board the Havaray Project

Tekfen Engineering has been chosen to carry out the preliminary studies of the "Havaray" (monorail) Project that is expected to solve Istanbul's traffic problem.

The "Istanbul Havaray" project was first announced by Istanbul Greater Municipality in early 2014. The monorail system will constitute part of the main subway transportation backbone in Istanbul, and in its initial phase it will have eight main lines, the total length of which will be 47.8 km.

Initiated in order to bolster the mass transport infrastructure in Istanbul, the Havaray project will be built in the more congested parts of the city. Tekfen Engineering won the bid for the preliminary studies of the 11.8 km long Sefaköy-Halkalı-Behçeşehir and the 7.1-km long Üsküdar-Libadiye Avenue sections.