Tekfen Foundation supports young entrepreneurs

The second annual Enterprize competition for entrepreneurship has been held by the Management and Economics Club of Boğaziçi University. Tekfen Foundation was among the Silver Sponsors of the event.

Evaluating the ideas of young entrepreneurs according to a set of criteria such as ethical values, market potential, financial return, sustainability, social impact, innovation and added value, the competition involved three stages.

As many as 296 ideas have entered the competition from universities around Turkey. At the first round of evaluations held after the Entrepreneurship Summit on December 20, 26 projects went on to the second stage. The contestants received basic entrepreneurship training at this stage, and 10 of the projects made it to the final.

After a marathon of field work and workshops, the young entrepreneurs competed at the finals to attract investments for the implementation of their projects. The first three projects were declared winners, receiving a total of 50,000 liras in cash and the opportunity to go to Silicon Valley and pitch their projects to investors.