Esin Mete among the 50 most powerful women in Turkey

The popular business magazine Fortune Türkiye cited Esin Mete, Chairwoman of Toros Tarım, as one of the "50 Most Powerful Women in Turkey." The magazine depicted 50 professional women playing important roles in Turkish business life, and described Esin Mete as "a voluntary ambassador warning countries about hunger and diminishing resources on the global arena."

The magazine's April issue featuring an interview with Esin Mete emphasizes her work as president of IFA (International Fertilizer Industry Association) besides her role as top executive at Toros Tarım, presenting Mete as a "fighter" in the agricultural industry dominated almost totally by men. Underlining the fact that Esin Mete is the first woman president of IFA, the magazine described her mission during her two-year term as "bringing to the attention of all countries, and especially Turkey, the added value of soil and fertilizers and the issue of rapidly diminishing resources."