Tekfen Philhar-Mini painting competition ends!

Tekfen Philharmonic gave two children’s concerts branded as “Tekfen Philhar-Mini” in Istanbul and Bursa, under the conductorship of young Singaporean Darrell Ang. A drawing competition was announced at the concerts, inviting children to illustrate whatever comes to their mind while listening to the works being performed. The winner would get his&her favourite instrument as a prize.

There were many entries, and the winner was Ada Zeynep Bul, age 9, while Aslý Dönmez (9), Bürge Maral Aslan (8), and Vera Banu Gonzalez (6.5) won honorable mentions.

Ada Zeynep chose the flute that had impersonated the little bird in Prokofiev’s musical tale Peter and the Wolf.