Tekfen Foundation Sponsors the 13th Istanbul Biennial

Scheduled to take place between September 14 and October 20, 2013, the 13th Istanbul Biennial can be seen free of charge. The focus of the Biennial will be the concept of public sphere as a political forum, with the aim of establishing a basis for generating ideas and forms on contested issues such as civilization, barbarianism, democracy, spatial-economic justice and the role of contemporary art.

In addition to the exhibition during the Biennial, a public program will also be organized beginning before the biennial and continuing until the end, involving performances, projects, and lectures by international artists, workshops, and/or panel discussions by local or international participants.

The curator Fulya Demirci has determined the title of the 13th Istanbul Biennial as “Mom, am I Barbarian?”, a reference to the poet Lale Müldür’s eponymous book of poems. A Special Project Sponsor of the 12th Istanbul Biennial, Tekfen Foundation continues its support this year in the same category.