Esin Mete at United Nation’s Meeting

On November 25-27, a delegation of 16 representing IFA attended the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals at the United Nations in New York.

The team, headed by IFA President Esin Mete, attended bilateral meetings with country missions and key UN staff involved in the working process on Sustainable Development Goals during which they advocated for a stand-alone goal for eradicating hunger and malnutrition and highlighted the key role of fertilizers at the nexus of food, nutrition, human health and economic development.

IFA President and Chairwoman of Toros Tarım Esin Mete also attended the Farming First side-event as keynote speaker on November 26, where she presented a successful case of Toros Tarım, adding zinc as micronutrient to its fertiliser, thus successfully restroring the soil deficient in zinc.

In her speech, Mete underlined the benefits of nutrients: “Fertiliser not only raises agricultural yield or restores soil thus providing more food, but also enhances human health. Research demonstrates that the use of fertilisers with added micronutrients in macro-and micronutrient deficient soils led to higher yield and also to the quick elimination of nutritional deficinecy of the population in the region. This clearly showcases the essential role that fertiliser plays in food security.”