Ziyaret Tepe Excavation

In 2012, Tekfen Foundation took up sponsorship of the Ziyaret Tepe Tumulus excavations, southeast of Bismil near Diyarbakır, which were started in 2000. Ziyaret Tepe holds the ruins of Tuşhan, a center of the Assyrian Empire on the Tigris. The site will be submerged when the Ilısu Dam is impounded in 2015. So, an international team of experts from Akron University (US), Marmara University (Turkey), Mainz University (Germany) and Cambridge University (UK) are excavating at a rapid pace. Tekfen Foundation's support has enabled the Ziyaret Tepe excavation program to discover valuable information about the Assyrian Empire and reveal artifacts that have created a sensation in the world of archeology.