President, Tekfen Group Companies

Born in Geylan, Kosovo (former Yugoslavia) in 1950, Cahit Oklap graduated from Denizli High School; and later obtained his bachelor's degree from the Middle East Technical University, (METU) Chemical Engineering Department in 1974. He completed his postgraduate studies at METU's Industrial Engineering Department in 1979. Having formerly been a Research Assistant at METU, in September 1979 he began his professional career as a Planning Engineer at the PETKİM Aliağa Complex during its construction.

He joined Tekfen Construction in September 1983, and represented the company at management level in a number of joint ventures and consortiums set up with foreign partners for the purpose of carrying out pipeline and motorway construction projects. In 1995, he was appointed General Manager of HMB (Hallesche Mitteldeutsche Bau A.G.), the Tekfen Holding subsidiary in Germany, and while in this post he also became Assistant General Manager (in September 2008) in charge of Tekfen Construction operations in Kazakhstan and Germany.

Between 2016-2017, Cahit Oklap served as Vice President of Tekfen Holding in charge of Strategy, Business Development and Investment. From 2018 until March 2019, he served on the Executive Boards (as Board Member, Acting Chairman and Chairman) of Tekfen Construction, Tekfen Engineering, Tekfen Manufacturing, Gate Construction, Azfen and Toros Agri. In March 2019, while continuing to serve as General Manager of HMB, he was appointed President of Tekfen Group Companies.