Human Resources

Tekfen Group of Companies gives utmost importance on the application of contemporary and strategic systems in human resources and the continuous development o its employees individual and professional skills.

Our purpose is, to hire the most competent candidates and to train and support them in developing the required skills. Our goal is to create a trustworthy work environment for our employees; to motivate, engage, and maintain employee satisfaction and well-being by implementing Human Resources at world standard.

Recruitment and Placement

"A company with right people in right positions" is our philosophy in meticulous screening of the applicants, for the recruitment of the most suitable candidates that would meet the needs of our Group.

All applications are being evaluated and kept confidential. In this process, we mostly rely on our CV bank and forward suitable and skilled candidates to departments in need. The HR departments of our Group Companies work accordingly with each other and create a synergy by sharing their data and information.

Social Benefits

Evaluation is calculated in proportion with inflation in January. We provide individual health insurance to our employees and a doctor and nurse on board at our Ulus Campus. Group Companies located in Tekfen Tower benefit from an ambulant health service whenever necessary.

Tekfen also offers shuttle services for transportation of its employees commuting from the various neighborhoods of Asian and European parts of the city.

For your job application you may contact our group companies.