Eurobank Tekfen: The future of banking

Eurobank Tekfenbank was founded in 1989 as an investment and finance bank when the group decided to venture into the banking sector. In 2001, the bank acquired Bank Ekspres and after the merger of the two, Tekfenbank moved into commercial banking.

Eurobank Tekfen today has 37 branches, through which it provides commercial banking products and services to customers around the country. Since 2001 the bank has had a presence in localities where 64.3% of Turkey's total GNP is generated and with selective branch openings, aims to raise this ratio to 75-80% within shortly.

In its 16 th year in the banking industry, the Tekfen Group decided that the bank should move forward with a strategic partner and the outcome of that decision was an agreement with Eurobank EFG, the second largest bank in Greece.

Under this agreement, Eurobank EFG acquired a 70% stake in Tekfenbank with the Tekfen Group maintaining its strategic partnership with a 30% share. The legal process that began on 23 February 2007 with the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency's approval of the acquisition was completed at an extraordinary general meeting of the bank's shareholders that was held on 16 March 2007.

Towards new objecitves

With its vision of providing "Financial Services at World Standards of Quality", Eurobank Tekfen's mission is to serve all corporate and individual customers by taking a "solution partner" approach.

The bank's strategic priority now is to strengthen its branch network so as to achieve growth in corporate and commercial banking and also in small-business banking and capital market operations. While pursuing this growth, the national and international rules of the banking profession and the requirements of law will remain tenets with which Tekfenbank will continue to abide by unconditionally, just as they have always been.

Solution partner

Customers will continue to be the focal point of all our activities, just as they have always been. Serving its customers, Tekfenbank will remain ever faithful to its enduring values while being open to changes in its sector and the world of business and acting proactively in line with them.

Technology investments are currently being undertaken to reduce costs and to increase the quality of service being offered through a multi-channel, customer-focused organizational structure that takes advantage of alternative delivery channels. At the same time, the bank will also continue to adhere to the soundest and most advanced of risk management policies. Thanks to our collaboration with Eurobank EFG, we will be able to provide our customers with new avenues of access to European markets.

Respectful to all ethical codes in banking

In addition to all of this, Eurobank Tekfen will always abide strictly by the ethical rules of the banking profession. We believe that as respect for the rules of professional morality increases in general throughout the sector banks as well as markets everywhere will find it possible to do business in a more secure environment.

Our fundamental goal is to create a bank that earns the respect of its customers, is admired and actively supported by its employees, and is held in esteem by society both for the services it provides and for its sense of social responsibility.

Maintaining this attitude is what will continue to encourage people and firms to consult Eurobank Tekfen for their banking services.

Eurobank EFG in brief

With more than 19,000 employees, Eurobank EFG is an international banking group whose products and services are delivered through a network consisting of 1,300 branches and points of sale as well as alternative delivery channels. Headquartered in Geneva, the EFG Bank European Financial Group is Switzerland's third biggest banking group with EUR 5.3 billion in capital, total assets amounting to EUR 63.4 billion, and a presence in more than 30 countries. Eurobank EFG, a member of this group, is also active in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Poland, Ukraine, Luxemburg, and the UK as well as now in Turkey.


Founding Date


Group Companies

Eurobank Tekfen Co., Inc.

EFG İstanbul Menkul Değerler Co., Inc.

EFG Finansal Kiralama Co., Inc.

Number of Branches


Number of Employees


Asset Volume

629 million TL



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