Tekfen's Approach to the Environment and Climate Change

The most fundamental requirements for companies that want to ensure sustainable growth in today's world are to enhance their abilities for correct perception, quick reaction and fast decision-making, as well as building future plans on sound foundations. The keywords for such a foundation are first and foremost respect for the environment and society and technological advance.

In recent years, Tekfen Holding has begun incorporating the growing effects of climate change on the environment, society and the economy into its business strategies within the framework of sustainable business and risk management. Since 2010, Tekfen Group companies have been recording their data concerning climate change and reporting their greenhouse gas emission performances within the Group in accordance with the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) reporting criteria. Tekfen Group Companies have decided in 2017 to officially join the CDP Climate Change Program and make their reports accessible to the public.

In addition, Coordination Departments for Sustainability, Compliance and HSE&Q have been established at the Holding level to carry institutionalization to the next level in line with a sustainable management structure; and a series of activities and events are being organized throughout the Group to introduce the concept of "responsible corporate citizen" to the management level as well as the whole 15,000-strong Tekfen family and to help them adopt its principles.

Leadership, coordination, and supervision provided by the Holding center ensures that our environmental policies are strictly carried out in each of our businesses - international contracting, agri-industry, and real estate development. Tekfen Group companies continue their activities with the goal of setting "good practice" examples in their industries.

After joining the CDP Climate Change Program, our next goal is to join the CDP Water Program.