Founding Date of the First Group Company

Number of Employees

Total Assets (31.12.2017)
2.240.434 million TL

Dealers Network (31.12.2017)
Dealer: 780
Authorized Seller: 446
Exclusive Seller: 793
Total: 2.019

Group Companies
Toros Agri
Tekfen Agricultural Research Production and Marketing
Toros Terminal & Maritime
Toros Ship Agency Services

Hishtil - Toros Seedling Industry and Trade

Mersin Free Trade Zone Operating
Antalya Free Trade Zone Operating


Toros Tarım Produces Crop-Specific Fertilizers

Tekfen Agri-Industry Group's roots go back to 1974 and the founding of Toros Fertilizer and Chemical Industry to produce fertilizer in the Çkurova Region. Now operating as Toros Tarım, the Company has over the years diversified its products of agri-cultural input. It is now among the leading companies in its sector in Turkey in terms of its range of products and services, and market share. The company is also one of Turkey's 60 largest industrial companies.

Toros Tarım has diverse operations in various areas of agriculture including chemical fertilizers, seedlings and seeds, saplings and techno-agriculture. At the same time, it is involved in areas not directly related to agriculture, such as marine terminal operations, pilotage, tugboat and ship agency services, free-zone management, gas stations and bag production. Toros Tarım brings many complementary services and operations together under a single organizational umbrella and this enables it to cater to the multiple needs of farmers.

Toros Tarım's core agricultural activity is the production and distribution of chemical fertilizers. Its production plants in Ceyhan, Mersin and Samsun make up 38% of Turkey's total installed production capacity of chemical fertilizers. As the market leader in terms of production capacity and market share, it produces Ammonium Nitrate, Di- Ammonium Phosphate (DAP) and compound fertilizers at its own plants and completes its portfolio through imports. In addition to conventional fertilizers, Toros Tarım's product portfolio includes water-soluble specialty fertilizers and trace elements, which means that the Company is the single source for farmer's fertilizer needs.

Toros Tarım has a powerful countrywide distribution network consisting of 7 regional offices and nearly 800 dealers. Getting fertilizer delivered to the remotest parts of Turkey without delay, despite the seasonality of demand, is made possible by a total warehousing capacity of 550,000 tons. Toros Tarım's strong logistics infrastructure is a vital factor in sustaining its effectiveness in the market.

Toros Tarım Contributes to Solving a Major Problem of Tukish Agricultre by Developing High Yield and Disease Free Potato Seeds

Agricultural development is a multifaceted process and Toros Tarım has, over many years, developed a policy of playing an active role in it. It believes that raising productivity and quality is crucial to improving the welfare of the farmer and ensuring that agricultural activities attain their deserved position in the economy, and that the Company's own future is inextricably bound to that of Turkish agriculture. Accordingly, Toros Tarım not only produces chemical fertilizers, but also seedlings and seeds, and saplings and potato seeds using tissue culture technology.

Hishtil-Toros Fidecilik (HTF), a specialist nursery, carries out the Group's seedling production in fully equipped nurseries in Antalya. These nurseries use state-of-the-art technology and production protocols on a par with those employed in developed countries, thus enabling HTF to produce high quality, high-yield, disease-free, standard and grafted seedlings capable of withstanding the diseases and pests that annually inflict great production losses on Turkish agriculture.

Toros Enlightens The Future of Turkish Agriculture

In addition to seedling production, Toros Tarım pioneered the offering of high-quality seeds to Turkish farmers. It produces seeds and fruit saplings through tissue culture techniques at the Group's Agripark facilities in Adana. The importance Toros Tarım places on productivity-raising technology and the investments it has made in them, make it the sector's benchmark brand, not only in fertilizer but also in seedling and sapling production.

Toros Tarım also invests in non-agricultural yet complementary sectors. Since 1990, marine terminal operations have contributed increasingly extensive revenues to Toros Tarım. The Ceyhan Terminal, initially built to serve the Ceyhan fertilizer plant, was subsequently expanded to exploit the potential of serving third parties. Today, Toros Ceyhan Terminal is among the Eastern Medi- terranean's most important deep-water terminals.

The Samsun Terminal, bought under the 2005 privatization program with the state-owned Samsun fertilizer facility, has made a great contribution to the Group's activities in this area through its strategic location and additional capacity. Toros Tarım also provides pilotage, tugboat and shipping agency services at its terminals.

Free-zone management is among the Group's most important future-oriented areas of expansion. Toros Adana Yumurtalık Free Zone's potential rests on its facilities and strategic location in Ceyhan, which is slated to become Turkey's energy hub.