Esin Mete at the Economist Summit

As the world population rapidly increases and natural resources and arable lands diminish, climate change has reached alarming dimensions, bringing humankind closer to the serious danger of hunger and drought. In the periods ahead, this issue will be at the top of the agenda for national and international governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as world media.

Within this framework, the British weekly economics magazine The Economist has organized a summit entitled “Feeding the World” in London on February 13 to draw attention to hunger and nutrition issues throughout the world. Esin Mete, president of the International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA) and CEO of Toros-Agri attended the summit alongside industry leaders, governmental officers, NGOs, and scientists.


February 2014
Accompanied by Tekfen Philharmonic, Andrea Bocelli mesmerizes Istanbul...

World-renowned Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli gave a magnificent concert in front of an audience of 9000 in İstanbul on Saturday night, February 22, as part of celebrations marking the 20th anniversary of Turkish largest environmental NGO, TEMA Foundation.

As Tekfen Foundation’s token of support for TEMA, Bocelli was accompanied by Tekfen Philharmonic, a 75-member orchestra directed by guest conductor Marcello Rota. The concert lasted nearly two hours, and the audience gave a standing ovation to Bocelli, who came back on stage for three encores.

Among the audience were Ali Nihat Gökyiğit, founding partner of Tekfen Holding and the TEMA Foundation, Hayrettin Karaca, Gökyiğit’s companion in safeguarding nature, and members of TEMA’s board of directors.

February 2014
Tekfen Holding Sponsors 3rd International Green Building Summit

The 3rd International Green Building Summit was held on 21-22 February 2014 by the Turkish Green Building Council (ÇEDBİK). Tekfen Holding, whose founding partner Ali Nihat Gökyiğit is also the founding Chairman ÇEDBİK, was among the main sponsors of the event.

Aiming to increase social awareness and urge the construction industry to abide by sustainable principles, the organization has picked “Sustainability - Cutting Edge” as its main theme this year. Many national and international experts attended the two-day summit, which hosted a number of conferences, workshops, training sessions, and seminars.


January 2014
Tekfen Philhar-Mini painting competition ends!

Tekfen Philharmonic gave two children’s concerts branded as “Tekfen Philhar-Mini” in Istanbul and Bursa, under the conductorship of young Singaporean Darrell Ang. A drawing competition was announced at the concerts, inviting children to illustrate whatever comes to their mind while listening to the works being performed. The winner would get his&her favourite instrument as a prize.


January 2014
Team Tekfen, “the most cheerful team,” at INDOOR CUP

A collaboration of the sportd daily Fanatik and Antrenmanyap, the intercompany Fanatik Indoor Cup was held at Ataköy Aslı Çakır Indoor Athletics Center on January 12.

29 companies from various industries participated in the organization, where Team Tekfen produced a champion and two members came in 3rd and 4th, and the team itself received “the most cheerful team” award.


January 2014
Going Strong in Azerbaijan

Active in Azerbaijan since 1995, Tekfen Construction undertook two other vital projects during the last week of December as part of the Shah Deniz Phase 2 Investments.

ATA Consortium (AMEC-Tekfen-Azfen) signed an agreement with BP Exploration (Shah Deniz) and undertook the construction, installation, and delivery of two offshore platforms and their connection bridges, weighing a total of 26,442 tons. The estimated budget of the project is USD975 million, and together with its share in Azfen, Tekfen’s portion will amount to approximately USD496 million.


December 2013
Esin Mete at United Nation’s Meeting

On November 25-27, a delegation of 16 representing IFA attended the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals at the United Nations in New York.

The team, headed by IFA President Esin Mete, attended bilateral meetings with country missions and key UN staff involved in the working process on Sustainable Development Goals during which they advocated for a stand-alone goal for eradicating hunger and malnutrition and highlighted the key role of fertilizers at the nexus of food, nutrition, human health and economic development.


December 2013
Toros inaugurates its 4th school: Toros Tarım Necati Akçağlılar Anadolu High School

Founded in the memory of Necati Akçağlılar, one of the founding partners of Tekfen Holding, the TC MEB Toros Tarım Necati Akçağlılar Anadolu High School in Tekkeköy, Samsun, was opened with an official ceremony on Monday, September 16, 2013.

Hasan Özhan, Deputy Governor of Samsun, Köksal Şakalar, District Governor of Tekkeköy, Ufuk Ekinci, commander of the Samsun Garrison, Dr. Mustafa Cora, Samsun Provincial Director of National Education, Hayati Tekin, Mayor of Tekkeköy, Cansevil Akçağlılar, Vice Chairman of Tekfen Board of Directors, Erhan Öner and Prof. Dr. Çelik Kurtoğlu, members of Tekfen Board of Directors, Osman Cengiz Birgili, President of Tekfen Group of Companies, Esin Mete, Chairwoman of Toros Tarım, as well as representatives of various public and non-governmental organizations of the district and the province were present at the opening ceremony.


September 2013
Tekfen Foundation Sponsors the 13th Istanbul Biennial

The biggest international art exhibition organized in Turkey since 1987, the Istanbul Biennial constitutes an important ground for the latest debates on the arts, as well as playing a role in the rediscovery of the city’s history through venues, and introducing contemporary artists from Turkey and many other countries to the international scene.

Scheduled to take place between September 14 and October 20, 2013, the 13th Istanbul Biennial can be seen free of charge. The focus of the Biennial will be the concept of public sphere as a political forum, with the aim of establishing a basis for generating ideas and forms on contested issues such as civilization, barbarianism, democracy, spatial-economic justice and the role of contemporary art.


September 2013
Financial Times reports on Nezahat Gökyiğit Botanic Garden…

Financial Times has run an article on Nezahat Gökyiğit Botanik Bahçesi (NGBB), created in 1995 by Nihat Gökyiğit, a founding partner of Tekfen Holding, in memory of his wife Nezahat Gökyiğit. Matthew Wilson, who writes for Financial Times on nature, climate, and gardens, wrote about his impressions after a visit to NGBB, also discussing Nihat Gökyiğit’s social responsibility projects in detail.

According to Wilson, NGBB is an interesting oasis of fresh air amidst the traffic, buildings, the soon to be financial center and the highway, defying them all… Wilson seems to have been especially impressed with Gökyiğit’s courage to establish this garden at a location surrounded by highways and his endless supply of energy.


August 2013
President Aliyev at the Bayıl Platform Project...

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev visited the platform project at Bayıl, whose construction has been completed by the ATA Consortium (AMEC-Tekfen-Azfen) and is only days away from sail-away. During his visit President Aliyev received a detailed brief on the project from Gordon Birrell, Regional President of BP and accompanied by Levent Kafkaslı, General Manager of Tekfen Construction, Bülent Karaca, Project Manager and his entire project team.

President Aliyev congratulated everyone who contributed to the successful completion of the platform weighing 18,500 tons, making it the heaviest platform to be installed in the Caspian Sea so far. Aliyev listened with great interest to the report about the record-breaking accident-free 20 million man/hours, saying he felt honored by the success of the project.

July 2013
Ms. Esin Mete, Chairwoman of Toros Agri-Industry, was elected as President of IFA

Ms. Esin Mete, CEO of Tekfen Holding’s Agri- Industry Division and Chairwoman of Toros Agri-Industry Group, was elected as the President of the International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA). Ms. Esin Mete will serve as the President of International Fertilizer Industry Association, which brings together almost 550 companies from more than 80 countries for two years.

Ms. Mete has become the first woman president when she was elected as the President of the International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA), during IFA’s Annual Conference in Chicago, the U.S.A on 22nd of May. She has held various responsibilities including as chairwoman of the Finance Committee, Vice President for Communications and for Sustainable Development before becoming the President.

She will represent Turkey
Underlining that she was so proud of becoming the President of such a big association and representing Turkey, Ms. Esin Mete said “Turkey is one of the few agriculturally self-sufficient countries in the world because modernizing the agricultural sector was one of the national strategies adopted in the early 1980s. In line with this strategy, since then Toros Tarım has been working with dedication to serve the agricultural sector and helping farmers to maintain the fertilization of their soils and grow more nutritious crops.” >>

May 2013
Change of Guard at Tekfen

Following the Ordinary General Assembly of Tekfen Holding on May 7, 2013, there has been a change of guard at Tekfen Group Companies concerning the executive positions of Holding CEO and President of Tekfen Construction. Erhan Öner, who became CEO in 2000 after holding various positions since 1969, has been succeeded by Osman Birgili, who has worked at Tekfen Construction in various capacities since 1978, most recently serving as the Senior Vice President of the company. Erhan Öner, Member of the Board since 2012, will resume his responsibilities at Tekfen Holding as Chief Advisor.

Levent Kafkaslı, who has held various positions at Tekfen Construction since 1990 and most recently was its Vice President, is now the President of Tekfen Construction. Kafkaslı has taken over this post from Ümit Özdemir, who since 1975 has held various positions at Tekfen Construction including Vice President of Tekfen Holding Contracting Group and President of Tekfen Construction. Ümit Özdemir will serve as the Chairman of the Executive Boards of Tekfen Construction, Tekfen Manufacturing, and Tekfen Engineering, all under Tekfen Contracting Group.

We are grateful to all our executives for their past work and wish them success in their new posts.

May 2013
Tekfen Holding’s Consolidated Financial Results for 2012

Founded in 1956, Tekfen Group is a large publicly traded group of 38 companies, seven subsidiaries and 17,532 employees.

Tekfen Holding’s consolidated financial results for 2012 show increases in Group revenue and net profit. The Group’s revenue, grew to TL4,076 million in 2012 with a 27% increase, while its net profit climbed to TL300 million with a 24% increase. The Group’s consolidated assets for 2012 are TL4,133 million. >>

April 2013
Baku Olympic Stadium goes to Tekfen Construction

Tekfen Construction adds another important project to its portfolio in Azerbaijan, where the company has succesfully completed a number of significant projects since 1996. The company signed a USD640 million agreement with SOCAR, for the construction of the 68 thousand seated Baku Olympic Stadium slated for completion within 24 months, in March 2015.

Baku Olympic Stadium will be Tekfen’s second stadium project, the first being the 80 thousand seated İstanbul Atatürk Olympic Stadium completed in 2002.

February 2013
Tekfen Construction to Undertake New Project in Saudi Arabia

Tekfen Construction has won the bid for the turnkey contract of the “Propylene Oxide Process Unit to be built as part of the Sadara Petrochemical Plant owned in equal shares by ARAMCO and Dow Chemical Company. Located in Jubail, the project is worth USD122.5 million and will be completed in 29 months. In fulfillment of its contractual obligations, Tekfen Construction will undertake all reinforced concrete constructions, the assembly of all structural steels and pressure vessels, electrical instrumentation works, and the construction of the central control building. This will be Tekfen’s 16th project since its first entry to the Kingdom of in Saudi Arabia in 1980.

January 2013
Eurobank Tekfen's Sale To Burgan Bank Has Been Officially Finalized

Shares of Eurobank EFG and Tekfen Group in Eurobank Tekfen were transferred to Burgan Bank after the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency gave due permission for the transfer on December 6 2012. As a result, banking activities that started under the structure of Tekfen in 1989 officially came to an end. >>

January 2013
An “Amazing Violinist” in Istanbul

Tekfen Philharmonic is preparing to accompany violinist Ning Feng for its final concert in 2012. Regarded as one of the most gifted young generation violinists, Ning Feng will appear before the Istanbul audience at the Istanbul Convention and Exhibition Center on December 1. Ning Feng will play Mendelssohn’s Op. 64 E minor Violin Concerto. The concert program also includes Weber’s “Oberon Ouverture” and Tchaikovsky’s Op. 74. B minor “Pathétique” Symphony. >>

November 2012

Tekfen Insaat ranked 88th among the 225 biggest contractors of the world

A leading publication of the international contracting industry, ENR (Engineering News Record) ranks the biggest 225 international contracting firms of the world every year. The list is based on the amount of contracting work received abroad the previous year; Tekfen Insaat, which had ranked 110th in 2011, rose to 88th place this year, with new contracts reaching a total of 1.048 billion dollars.

Besides Tekfen, the list includes Turkish companies such as Polimeks, Ronesans, Gama, Enka, and Antyapi. The number of Turkish firms on the list of 225 biggest contractors was 31 in 2011, which rose to 33 this year. Turkey thus ranks second after China, as it did last year.

August 2012

Tekfen İnşaat and TorosTarım among the best in their respective sectors

Fortune Türkiye, the leading Turkish publication on economy that lists the biggest companies in Turkey under the trademark “Fortune 500 Turkey”, has announced its list for 2011.

TÜPRAŞ is at the top of the biggest Turkish companies, and two subsidiaries of Tekfen Holding have entered the list – Tekfen İnşaat at 51, and Toros Tarım at 91. Both companies are among the top 5 companies within their respective sectors, construction and chemical industry.

With an outstanding share of its turnover created abroad, Tekfen İnşaat figures 15th on the list of highest exporters as well as on that of the highest number of employees.

July 2012

OCP, the largest enterprise of Morocco, and Toros Agri become partners in Turkey

OCP, the largest enterprise of Morocco and provider of an important share of the world’s phosphate exports is partnering with one of Turkey’s biggest Agricultural Industry Group, Toros Agri. The joint venture company, called Black Sea Fertilizer Trading Co. will export phosphate fertilizers; some of which will be produced at Toros Agri’s Samsun plant to Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and Central Asia. >>

June 2012

Ceyhan Fire and Natural Disaster Training Centre (CEYDEM) to open in fall 2012

Ceyhan Fire and Natural Disaster Training Centre (CEYDEM), is a joint initiative of the private sector, Çukurova University, and search and rescue NGO AKUT to provide a much needed centre of training and education for firefighting.

The fast growth of industry in the region which is becoming an important center of energy production, puts the industrial enterprises as well as the residents of the area under the risk of fire and natural disaster, so that the establishment of a center for fire safety training became imperative. >>

June 2012

Tekfen Construction expands its work scope in Iraq

On March 30th 2012, Tekfen Construction signed a new agreement with Rumaila Operating Organisation (ROO), a BP led consortium including CNPC from China and Iraq’s South Oil Company (SOC). The US$98 million contract includes all project management servicers for ROO’s Petrol Production Area until March 2014. The scope of the agreement also encompasses the technical training of SOC’s local staff by Tekfen Construction, on it premises in Ceyhan, Southern Turkey.

April 2012

Tekfen Foundation Sponsors Green Building Summit

Tekfen Foundation is among the main sponsors of the Green Building Summit organized by ÇEDBİK (Turkish Green Building Council), of which Tekfen Real Estate Development is a founding member. >>

January 2012

Tekfen Awarded Royal Order by King Mohammed VI of Morocco

Tekfen Holding CEO Erhan Öner and Vice President Esin Mete, Head of the Agri-Industry Group, have been bestowed the Order of Ouissam Alaouite by the King of Morocco. >>

December 2011

Tekfen Kağıthane OfisPark Ready for 2012

Built by Tekfen Real Estate Development in the advantageously located and easily accessed Kağıthane, the Kağıthane OfisPark project is now completed. Blending in with the urban fabric of Kağıthane, the project was designed as a Class-A office complex, offering a comfortable and contemporary workspace thanks to its unique concept, functionality, and broad living spaces. >>

December 2011

Toros Tarım in joint venture with OCP of Morocco, the world’s leader in phosphate trade

Aiming for a strategic partnership towards regional growth on the global fertilizer market, Toros Tarım signs a contract with OCP, Office Chérifien des Phosphates S.A., the largest Moroccan state enterprise that controls 30% of the world’s phosphate exports.

Toros Tarım, a Tekfen Holding Agri-Industry Group company, has signed a contract with OCP, Office Chérifien des Phosphates S.A., the largest state enterprise of Morocco that controls 30% of the world’s phosphate exports, to found a joint venture in Turkey. According to the contract, a company named Black Sea Gübre Ticaret A.Ş. -Black Sea Fertilizer Trade Co will market phosphate-based fertilizers to be produced at the Toros Tarım Samsun facilities to the Black Sea, Balkan and Central Asia regions. OCP and Toros will own 70% and 30% of the company, respectively. >>

November 2011

Tekfen Supports Disaster-Stricken Province of Van

In an effort to help the earthquake-stricken people of Van, Tekfen Holding donates 50 containers to be used as temporary housing at the Dağönü village of Van.

Located on the beautiful shores of Lake Van, Dağönü is a village of 80 households, with a population of 650. The earthquake destroyed 77 houses, leaving 20 people dead. The 50 containers to be sent to this village will accommodate 300 people. Each container offers sufficient room and necessary amenities for 6, and is compliant with ISO standards and the technical specifications of the Housing Development Administration of Turkey (TOKI).

Tekfen’s construction teams are currently laying the groundwork and preparing connections for electricity and water in the village. 34 of the containers will be delivered by the end of this week, with the remaining 16 to be delivered to the villagers in the first week of December.

In addition, 137 aid packages, prepared by Tekfen Group employees, were delivered to the village council of Dağönü during the first days of November and were distributed to those in need.

November 2011

Toros Tarım Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary

The 30th anniversary of the Toros Ceyhan plant was celebrated at its social facilities on Friday, 14 October.

Employees of the Ceyhan Plant, as well as executives of Toros Tarım, leading suppliers, solution partners, and guests from overseas attended the celebrations. Hosted by Erhan Öner, President & CEO of the Tekfen Group, and Esin Mete, Chairperson of the Board at Toros Tarım, the night was honored by the presence of Feyyaz Berker and Nihat Gökyiğit, two founding partners of Tekfen Holding. >>

November 2011

Tekfen Holding recorded a net profit of TL197 million in the first three quarters in 2011

Tekfen Holding reports TL2.188 billion in consolidated revenue for the first three quarters of 2011, and a net profit of TL197 million.

Tekfen Holding’s assets increased 20% in the same period, reaching TL3.665 billion, while its equity capital rose by 10%, reaching TL1.845 billion.

Tekfen Holding’s EBITDA rose by 27% year-on-year, from TL223 million to TL282 million, and its net profit increased 34% year-on-year, from TL147 million to TL197 million.

November 2011

Tekfen Real Estate is Turkey’s Best Office Developer according to Euromoney

Established in England in 1969 and currently published in 172 countries, Euromoney Magazine is amongst the most serious publications providing business and finance circles as well as capital markets with valuable insights every month. Also, as a publisher closely monitoring a variety of industries, Euromoney has been giving out awards in several business areas based on in-depth surveys on country, regional and gobal levels. Euromoney’s 2011 survey in real estate has elected the best of the industry worldwide, based on the contribution of a large number of professional participants from as many as 53 countries. With the participation of 55 companies from Turkey, Euromoney Real Estate Awards - Turkey have elected the best of the business in 19 different categories.

Tekfen Real Estate has been recognised as Best Developer of Turkey in the Office/Business category.

Tekfen Real Estate’s GM Ömer Egesel received the award from the hands of Euromoney Magazine’s Managing Director Ed Harding and Real Estate Director Wiliam Powell.

November 2011

Tekfen signs 501 million USD contract to construct new process units for Tüpraş

Tekfen Construction signed a 501 million USD contract with Spanish Tecnicas Reunidas for Tüpraş Residue Upgrade Project Package 1 & 2

Tekfen Construction signed a 501 million USD with Tüpraş’ main contractor Spanish Tecnicas Reunidas for P1 &P2 packages of Tüpraş’ Residue Upgrading Project (RUP) The project will start immediately and is scheduled for completion within 33 months.

The scope of the work encompasses the construction and erection of process units within the new refinery to be build on Petkim’s old site where heavy bottom products such as low grade fuel-oil will be further refined and turned into high quality diesel, LPG and gasoline.

October 2011

Tekfen's Osman Birgili is IPLOCA's newly elected president

Tekfen Construction’s Senior VP, Osman Birgili has been elected president of the International Pipeline and Offshore Contractor’s Association (IPLOCA) at IPLOCA’s 2011 Convention held in Beijing between 12-16 September.

As the third president of IPLOCA to be elected from Turkey, Birgili carries the legacy within Tekfen, originally a pipeline contractor in the late 50’s. The late Necati Akçağlılar, Tekfen’s founding partner was amongst IPLOCA’s founding members and help presidency in 1976, while Tekfen Holding Board Member Murat Gigin hold the same post in 1995.

Comprising 240 member companies from 40 countries around the globe, IPLOCA’s yearly convention in 2012 will be held in İstanbul during Osman Birgili’s presidency.

September 2011

LEED Gold Certificate for Levent Ofis

The Levent Offis project developed by the Tekfen Real Estate Development Group has received a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certificate by the U.S. Green Building Council. Designed and constructed as an environmentally sensitive building thanks to its architectural and engineering solutions, Levent Ofis won the accreditation in the Core and Shell category and became the first commercial office building in Turkey to achieve this status.

Prof. Juan Pablo Molestina created the concept design of the building, and the architectural project came from Swanke Hayden Connell Architects. The first time a building in Turkey receives a LEED rating in the Core and Shell category was marked on 13th of September with a certificate ceremony honored by Kadir Topbaş, the Mayor of Istanbul, and Roger Platt, the Vice-president of the US Green Building Council. Prior to the ceremony, participants in the project shared their views and experiences on bringing an environmentally friendly building to life.

September 2011

Tekfen Holding announces 2011 first half-year financial results

Active in the fields of contracting, agricultural industry, real estate development and finance, Tekfen Holding’s turnover in the first half of 2011 increased by 26% year on year to reach TL1.393m, while profits grew by 34% year-on-year to reach TL143m. >>

September 2011

Tekfen Foundation Supports the Arts…

Tekfen Foundation is amongst the Special Project Sponsors of the 12th Istanbul Biennial.

“Untitled,” the 12th Istanbul Biennial, is set to take place between the 17th of September and the 13th of November at Antrepos number 3 and 5, and is curated by Adriano Pedrosa and Jens Hoffmann.

We recommend that you make a special effort to see the Istanbul Biennial, one of the greatest international arts events in the calendar. >>

September 2011

The Yale Glee Club Celebrated its Sesquicentennial with the Tekfen Philharmonic

The Yale Glee Club, one of the most prestigious collegiate choruses in the world, performed in Istanbul as part of its sesquicentennial activities.

The concert took place at the Golden Horn Congress Centre in the evening of Saturday the 18th of June, where the 250-voice Yale Glee Club and the Yale Alumni Chorus were accompanied by the Tekfen Philharmonic Orchestra, itself composed of musicians from 23 countries around the Black Sea, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Caspian Sea. >>

May 2011



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